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    About Us

     Zhoushan Bloom Master Brake Disc Manufaturing Co., Ltd is specialized in development, production and sale of automobile brake-discs.
    Our factory locates in a beautiful and rich island city——Zhejiang Zhoushan which is near Shanghai and Ningbo Port,with convenient transport by sea, land and air. It covers a land of 5,000㎡ and owns a team of 20 engineering technicians with professional titles and more than 120 workers.
    With the advanced production equipment, strict testing,sincere service attitude as well as high-efficient work style,our products win high evaluation and admiration of numerous users. Our target market is Middle East, Africa and South America, and even all over the world.
    • +86-580-7361999
    • +86-013705801595
    • +86-580-7361998
    • renten9@paersuo.com
    • 460796307
    • 13705801595
    • MR.REN
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